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Alex Dembitzer

About Alex Dembitzer

Alex Dembitzer’s career as a real estate developer, investor, and philanthropist has spanned several decades and taken him to cities across the United States and throughout the world. Whether working independently or with the companies and foundations he has helped to found, Dembitzer has made his mark on the world of real estate.

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The Northern Charitable Foundation Inc.

About the Foundation

When Alex and Rosa Dembitzer founded Northern Charitable Foundation, Inc., they envisioned a not-for-profit that would empower local institutions to help people in need. Northern Charitable seeks to fight the biggest issues of our day from the ground up, sponsoring and collaborating with grassroots projects in communities around the world.

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Sky Management Services, LLC

Comprehensive Real-Estate Services

Founded by Alex Dembitzer in 2010, Sky Management Services, LLC manages a diversified portfolio of properties across the United States. With offices in Philadelphia and New York, Sky Management has applied its trademark blend of pragmatism and creativity to a wide variety of real estate holdings. 

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Sky Power, LLC

About Sky Power

Since its founding in 2010, Sky Power has brought a fresh approach to the green energy sector. The company uses strategic partnerships and professional experience to make decisions that are both good for the earth and good for business.

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