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Alex Dembitzer

Meet Alex Dembitzer

Born and raised in New York, Alex Dembitzer graduated from New York University at the young age of 19 with a bachelor’s degree in finance. By the age of 23, he had already entered the world of real estate as a developer, investor, and property owner.

Founder and Owner of Sky Management Services, LLC

Today, Dembitzer is the owner of office buildings, multi-family developments, and industrial and flex properties across the US. After two decades as an independent businessman, he founded Sky Management Services, LLC, a real estate development company with offices in Philadelphia and New York. Under Dembitzer’s guidance, Sky Management Services has developed a substantial portfolio, with holdings in large metro areas including New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore/Washington, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Atlanta and Los Angeles. Dembitzer and Sky Management Services have also branched into the growing field of renewable energy; they now manage more than 100 grid-connected solar installations.

Checkpoint Systems Inc. HQ  a CCL Industries Subsidiary
Checkpoint Systems Inc. HQ a CCL Industries Subsidiary
Alex and Rosa Dembitzer - Ezer Mitzion

Co-Founder of Northern Charitable Foundation, Inc.

In addition, Dembitzer is active in a variety of charitable projects. He is the founder of Northern Charitable, Inc., a philanthropic foundation that he founded with his family in 2007. Northern Charitable partners with local institutions to provide public health services, including prevention, awareness, and medical support, to the sick and needy in Israel and the US.

The Dembitzer Family

Rosa Dembitzer, Alex’s wife and co-founder of Northern Charitable, grew up in Costa Rica and graduated from the University of Chicago’s prestigious economics department in 1988. The couple currently resides in Israel, where they moved in 2010 after more than twenty years in New York. In their spare time, the Dembitzers enjoy hiking, fitness, and travel.

Rosa Dembitzer