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About the Northern Charitable Foundation

In 2007, Alexander & Rosa Dembitzer founded Northern Charitable, Inc. together with Jacqueline Fried. Northern Charitable is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that aims to help disadvantaged groups and improve the quality of life for the sick and needy. The organization is primarily active in the United States and Israel.

Serving Society by Helping People in Need

Northern Charitable partners with local organizations and charities, enabling these institutions to make change from the ground up. While the foundation’s major focus is on issues of public health, its programs are diverse in their aim, ranging from cancer awareness to academic scholarships for impoverished students.


Flagship Programs

In the field of public health, Northern Charitable’s flagship programs include Prevention GENEration, the Alzheimer Center, Aleh, and more.


Prevention GENEration Program 

Prevention GENEration, established after Rosa Dembitzer’s bout with cancer, works with the Israel Cancer Association and the Israel Genetics Consortium to increase testing for breast and ovarian cancer. 

Prevention GENEration Program 

ezer mizion 1

Ezer Mizion

Several years ago, Alex Dembitzer and his family began to support Ezer MiZion, the largest independent not for profit in Israel, and have had the opportunity to help construct the ten story  Ezer MiZion headquarters- “The Jacob Fried Building,” which is named for Alex’s Grandfather.

Alex and his family also actively sponsor and support  a major Alzheimers’s program which is active in several locations throughout Israel, and named for Alex’s Grandmother- “The Ziporah Fried Center.”The Alzheimer Center aims to ease the difficulties faced by the families of Alzheimer’s patients, offering counseling to more than 3,000 families throughout Israel.

Alex and his family also enthusiastically sponsor the bone marrow donor registry, which is the largest bank of potential Jewish bone marrow donors, having accomplished over 2,000 life saving transplants, and are very proud to continue to be able to actively contribute to its growth and achievements.


Aleh foundation

Aleh Foundation

Aleh provides medical care for children with lifelong conditions such as autism, cerebral palsy, and Down syndrome, especially to families who otherwise could not afford care. These charities, and many more, work with Northern Charitable to receive the funding and the guidance they need to continue their work.

israeli tennis

Empowering Girls Through Tennis

In 2013, the Dembitzers started a new program through Northern Charitable: the High-Performance Girls Tennis Teams. Established in collaboration with the Israel Tennis Centers, the teams are made up of promising female tennis players throughout Israel between the ages of eight and seventeen. The program intends to address the lack of female players in competitive sports while building self-reliance, confidence, and leadership skills in the participants and their families. Like all Northern Charitable programs, these teams help their players not only with health and fitness but with their emotional and psychological needs.