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Before he founded Sky Management Services, LLC in 2010, Alex Dembitzer had already worked in real estate for decades, developing and investing in properties as an independent businessman. With the decline in the housing market and economic climate, however, came new opportunities for property development and redesign. Dembitzer gathered a team of skilled, experienced real estate professionals, and together they established Sky Management Services as a privately funded real estate company with the ability to execute large transactions and projects efficiently and thoroughly.

Since then, Sky Management has expanded, operating public and private holdings across the United States. Based in New York and Philadelphia, Sky has projects not only in their headquarter cities but also in Baltimore, Washington, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Atlanta and Los Angeles, among other locations. Its holdings include industrial properties, office buildings, and residential apartments. Sky has also developed government facilities for the US General Services Administration, the City of Philadelphia, and the Department of Homeland Security.

A Creative & Innovative Approach to Real-Estate

Sky Management’s success can be attributed to its remarkable blend of pragmatism, creativity, and innovation. Its seasoned team of professionals can evaluate a property with a critical eye and imagine its possibilities for growth.

The company specializes in creating new value for properties by adaptive reuse and/or renovating assets that no longer function as they should. This resourceful strategy has allowed Sky Management Services to thrive amidst the difficulties of the contemporary economy.


Environment Focused Real-Estate Development

Since its foundation, Sky Management Services has paid close attention to the field of renewable energy and contributed to its development. With solar rooftop installations and more than 100 grid-connected solar plants among its holdings, and several larger projects on the way, the company has become a part of today’s booming “green economy” – not only good for the earth but good for business. Today, as in 2010, the company is taking modern challenges and turning them into advantages.

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